In the Area …

There are plenty of walks, bike rides and places to visit in the vicinity of our holiday cottage. On this page, you can find some photo galleries of just a few of them.

Birdoswald is one of the key Roman forts on Hadrian’s Wall. It was built in AD122 and is situated on the longest continuous stretch of the wall that is still standing. It is just over the border from us in Cumbria, in stunningly beautiful surroundings. Considering that it was abandoned almost 2000 years ago, the remains are impressive. OK, not completely abandoned, parts of it have been used since – there are also the remains of a hall from the Dark Ages and a mediaeval fortified house. These days, it houses a visitor centre and plays host to demostrations and activities.

Chillingham Castle was originally built as a monastery. On account of its strategic position, during the middle ages, it became a fully fortified castle. After the union of Scotland and England, Chillingham Castle was no longer needed as a military establishment and it was gradually transformed into a residence. The beautiful gardens date from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Birdoswald Roman Fort

Birdoswald-roman-fort-130917 Birdoswald-roman-fort-130216 Birdoswald-roman-fort-125905 Birdoswald-roman-fort-123419 Birdoswald-roman-fort-122449 Birdoswald-roman-fort-120713 Birdoswald-roman-fort-120308 Birdoswald-roman-fort-120054_001 Birdoswald-roman-fort-130953

Chillingham Castle

Chillingham-Castle-144929 Chillingham-Castle-135610 Chillingham-Castle-135235 Chillingham-Castle-134521 Chillingham-Castle-132201 Chillingham-Castle-130934 Chillingham-Castle-130813 Chillingham-Castle-145053 Chillingham-Castle-145036 Chillingham-Castle-145007

Stanegate Walk

Stanegate-walk-171028 Stanegate-walk-170312 Stanegate-walk-170204 Stanegate-walk-170118 Stanegate-walk-165949 Stanegate-walk-165932 Stanegate-walk-165100 Stanegate-walk-132247 Stanegate-walk-132128 Stanegate-walk-100803 Stanegate-walk-174937

Walltown is often cited as being the location of one of the best stretches of Hadrian’s wall. It is indeed an impressive setting and you can get an idea of how the Romans cleverly blended the wall with the natural outcrops of the Whin Sill. But Walltown isn’t just about Hadrian’s Wall. There are a number of circular walks and places to have a picnic. You can also visit the Peace Labyrinth, created in 2011 by planting over a thousand willows. But there is no risk of becoming lost – there is just one path in and out!

Housesteads Roman Fort is one of the best preserved of the Roman forts on Hadrian’s Wall. In addition to the interactive museum and mini-cinema, you can wander through the remains of the barracks, the hospital and other buildings. You can also appreciate the Roman’s underfloor heating system and visit some of the oldest communal toilets in the UK (but please don’t use them!!). The site has plenty of information boards that help you to visualise many of the buildings and features you can see.

Walltown Crags

Walltown information panel. Former inhabitant!! Walltown information panel. Hadrian's Wall. Hadrian's Wall. View of Hadrian's Wall. Walltown walk. Cawfields. Walltown walk.

Thirlwall Castle

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Talkin Tarn is a 65 acre glacial lake set in over a hundred acres of farmland and woodland. It was formed at the end of the last glaciation about 10,000 years ago. It is currently fed by underground streams and provides non-motorised watersports and fishing. With a tea room, mountain bike hire, events throughout the year plus a path round the tarn with wheelchair access, Talkin Tarn should definitely be on your Stanegate Cottage holiday list of things to do.

Talkin Tarn

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